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  • They are affections generally caused by a mechanism of wearing of the cartilaginous structure for a repeated pathogenic noxa.

    In the sports practice the lesions can even be caused by rushed post-surgical times of recovery.

    Chondritis: with this term we meanacute inflammations against the cartilage;

    Chondropathies: with this term we define the cartilage pathologies of sub-chronic or chronic type, characterized by different degrees of structural, degenerative distortions.

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    Tendinous lesion

    The general sport traumatology of the tendinous lesions includes, besides the acute lesions, forms with a marked invalidating chronic evolution, which are caused by an overload to which the locomotive

    Muscular lesion

    Muscular Lesion are very common and include: Acute direct: contusion (stupor, ecchymosis, haematoma, muscolar compression); Acute indirect: contracture, straining, pulled muscle of muscular strain of

    Articular lesions

    The articulations are actively stabilized by the muscles and passively by the tendons and ligaments. The articular lesions are usually acute lesions, even if sometimes they can be secondary to pathologies